Disabling the slow iTunes Backup on Windows is a little more tricky, but it works. First of all close ITunes and then follow these steps: Locate your iTunesPrefs.xml file. It’s usually located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes or C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes. Hint: If the folder Application Data does not show up, […]

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For those of you not familiar with the terminal I wrote a simple application, that lets you disable and enable backups for the iPhone/ipod touch with a single mouse click. Download DisableBackup Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher ¬† This only works on the mac. Windows Users click¬†here. Tweet This Post Send Gmail Ping […]

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admin on July 26th, 2008

If you have installed a lot of applications on your iPhone, the backup can take forever. Itunes does not back the application data only, but the whole application binary everytime. To disable the slow back up type defaults write com.apple.iTunes DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true in the terminal. If you want to enable it again type: defaults […]

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admin on July 25th, 2008

The MobileMe WebInterface does only support modern browsers like Internet-Explorer 7 or higher, Safari 3 or higher and Firefox 2 or higher. If you are still using Internet Explorer 6 (and many have to e.g. at their workplace) you are doomded: There is no way to access your email using an offical web-client from Apple. […]

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Picture by Chance Agrella A lot of people using jaibroken iPhones/ipod touches have got installed OpenSSH. Some earlier jailbreak methods installed it even by default. While the Pwnage-method used to jailbreak the iPhone 2.0 Software does not install OpenSSH automatically, many users still have installed it manually to solve their mail or other problems using […]

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admin on July 21st, 2008

For many people just changing the APN settings to something random still works to disable EDGE on iPhone 2.0. However, if your SIM card is from a supported carrier, the iPhone will not present any settings to let you change the APN configuration. I found a quite easy way to disable EDGE even on those […]

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