admin on August 21st, 2012
smcfancontrol_v2 [Download]

smcFanControl 2.4 adds the following features/bugfixes:

  • Support for OS X Mountain Lion / Gatekeeper
  • Support for Retina Macbook Pro
  • smcFanControl is now a 64 Bit application
  • AutoStart works now without AppleScript
  • Support for OS X 10.4 is deprecated
  • The source code for smcFanControl is now available at Github

50 Responses to “smcFanControl 2.4 Released”

  1. Hi,
    How can I use keyboard shortcuts to change the speed of the cooling fans?

  2. There is currently no support for Keyboard-Shortcuts.

  3. Hi,

    does smcFanControl 2.4 run not only on MacBooks (Pro) but also on Mac minis and iMacs?

    best regards
    Berthold Schwab

  4. All Intel Macs are supported (iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Mac Pro)

  5. Thanks for the update, I love smcFanControl!

  6. I downloaded the 2.4 update and ran it on my MacBookPro Retina.

    Immediately on launch it said it has not been tested on my system yet the read me says MacBookPro Retina support added in 2.4.

    I am confused???


  7. It just means that the fan configuration is readout on startup.

  8. Hi,

    What is the config file of smcFanControl 2.4?

    Best regards.

  9. The Pref-File is located at ~/Library/Preferences/com.eidac.smcFanControl2.plist
    The Machine-Defaults are located at ~/Library/Application Support/smcFanControl/Machines.plist

  10. The Power Supply Fan on Mac Pro 3,1 still doesn’t work.

  11. This Mac Pro Power Supply Fan is not controllable to my knowledge.

  12. Hi Hendrik,
    Just to say thank you for your software development. I’ve just installed it on my MacBook Pro Retina. Donation already made, too. Thanks again. Carlos/ Sao Paulo-Brazil

  13. Any idea why I only can control 1 fan on my rMBP.. and I read your answer to Jeff, I didn’t understand what readout meant. Sorry. Not understanding..

    Thanks for the new release! Paypal donation otw!

  14. Just want to echo the sentiments of Carlos here… Thanks Hendrik I was waiting on this update ever since I got my new retina MBP. Been running SMC on my previous MacBook pro 15″ and Imac for a few years now. Excellent work, oh and I sent a donation your way as well 🙂

  15. Hi Tim,

    both fans should be controllable. The message at first start means that fancontrol has readout fan information and everything should work normally. For most macs this message appears as I don’t own these machines and therefore the fan info has to be readout on first startup rather than being included in smcfancontrol.



  16. How do you uninstall? thanks

  17. Just Drag the App to trash for uninstall. Nothing else needed.

  18. Hi,

    just wanted to let you know that smcfancontrol does not work on 27″ iMAc with 3,4GHz CPU.
    Whatever I set the fans to there is no response.

  19. Is it just me or no one was yet able to figure out what on earth Admin is trying to say twice with the cryptic ‘readout’ charades?

    The last one was ‘I don’t own these machines and therefore the fan info has to be readout on first startup rather than being included in smcfancontrol. ‘

    Sounds almost like my congressman.

    I continue to wonder what this famous readout explanations are supposed to mean, how that relates to our machines, and what should we do about it, and what it implies (technically, legally, naively) when one clicks on continue or quit.

  20. Hello,

    I have macbook pro 8.1 late 2011 13 inch model and minimum RPM I can set is 3600, I know that default RPM for my model is 2000 and I can’t change it only from 3600 to 6200, any help would be appreciated.


  21. How ca I uninstall the smcfancontrol?

  22. I had fancontroldaemon process on startup, after I deleted it, smcfancontrol works fine.

  23. @newton: the Fan Defaults are different for every machine. smcfancontrol Supports every intel Mac released since 2006. These are a lot of machines. Of course I don’t own or have access to test on all these machines. Therefore on first startup smcfancontrol checks how many fans the machine has and determines the minimum and maximum fan speed of each fan. That’s what I summarized with “readout”

  24. @tony: just drag the application to the trash. Switch off your machine one time to revert all fan speed settings and restart.

  25. Hey,

    I’m confused as to what the feature “AutoStart works without Applescript” means. Is smcfancontrol Applescript-able?


  26. @sam. Smcfancontrol is not scriptable. It only means that the auto start implementation is now written natively and not in AppleScript.

  27. Hi, I just got SMC Fan Control for my Macbook Pro Retina and when I set the fans to 5000 RPM, they go to 5000 RPM for about a second and then go back down to 2000 RPM. Is there any way to fix this? I would really like to keep my computer cooler …

  28. @matt: please Take a look if you have other fan control software installed and remove it.

  29. Nice little app! Works on my 20″ iMac EMC 2210. It has three fans listed in the prefs: ODD, HDD, CPU. What are th first 2 for. Is it hard drive and optical drive?

  30. Hi,

    May I suggest that you add in an option so that when the app is started and the system fan stats are not recognised that it sends them off to a database somewhere and they are then rolled out periodically using the update mechanism.

    Of course, all of this would be opt-on.


  31. Hey, i’ve always used SMC but i temporarily switched to another program while it did not support the Macbook Pro with Retina Mountain Lion. I installed SMC Fan Control 2.4, deleted the other fan control application but when i try to change the fan speed it will only change for a second or two then it reverts back to the base speed. Help please

  32. @Marco: To completely remove the other FanControl software, follow these steps:

    1. Remove the following files and folders (both on your start disk):

    /Library/PreferencePanes/Fan Control.prefPane

    (You will be prompted for the Administrator’s password when deleting these items.)

    2. Reboot

  33. @Sandy: ODD means Optical Disk Drive (DVD) and HDD is the spinning HardDisk.

  34. I cannot seem to bring up the controller. I am running 10.6.8 and have installed the 2.4 version which did not show in the preferrences pane. I had to use activity monitor to quit process and then remove from from computer. I also tried 2.3 and 2.2 with the same results. I am still unsure what I’m supposed to get. all I know I have noises coming from what seemingly is the fan and I am trying to detect using your software. Please let me know. best Gabriel

  35. v2.3 is working flawlessly on my 2006-era 17″ MacBook Pro 2.16 – that is forever going to be “stuck” at Mac OS 10.6.8. Should I upgrade to this new version? Are there benefits for my older system? THANK YOU for al these years of keeping my MBP cool!

  36. Hello, I have an Intel iMac ca. 2009 running OS X 10.6 and I have tried several versions of this software and none of them will run properly.

    Upon launching the app I am greeted with the “not tested on my system” dialog, then Mac OS asks for Admin login, and after granting access the app simply does nothing.

    Then, when I attempt to delete the files, it won’t let me empty the trash because smcfancontrol is in use, and it also said something called “Sparkle” is in use as well. But then when I try to force quit the app, the system doesn’t show any running processes except the Finder. I had to restart and then delete the files.

    I’m guessing “Sparkle” is the auto-update framework you guys used? I know of no other Sparkle.

    I have no other fan control software running at all, and never have. I have Temperature Monitor installed but it only reads the temps. and does not control the fan. Also it was not running when I installed smcfancontrol.

    Any ideas anyone? I know very little about Mac I got this from my dad when he died and it runs great, but hot.

    Peace – Jack

  37. I have a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6.8. When I try to add a new favorite the speed gets stuck at 6000 rpm (the max) and the sliders won’t budge, and when I try to manually change the speeds under the rpm column it gives me an error whenever I set it to anything other than 6000. Is there a fix for this?

  38. @SpiceWeasel:
    1) Delete smcFanControl
    2) Delete the following 2 files:
    ~/Library/Application Support/smcFanControl/Machines.plist
    3) Switch off your computer (not just restart) and then switch it on again
    4) If you now reinstall smcFanControl, you should be able to set the fan to other values.

  39. @Jack:
    smcFanControl sits in the menu bar. Open an app (e.g. TextEdit) with a short menu bar and you will see it.

  40. @Clint: You can stay at 2.3.

  41. @GabrieL:
    smcFanControl sits in the menu bar. Open an app (e.g. TextEdit) with a short menu bar and you will see it.

  42. Hi, just wanted to express how great your application is!!!!! bravo, however, I recently just got it for a 10.8 macbook pro, and when I enter in a favorite, the lowest speed is not the lowest speed possible for the fan. e.g: lowest possible speed is 2000, max is 6200 (all in rpm)

    Default is on 4200 rpm, add new favorite, the slider min is 5200. Can’t go lower without error. Hank you again!!!!!

  43. LOL thanks Admin I wondered about that but with the translucent menubar and the particular desktop wallpaper I have on, I simply didn’t see it.

    App is good, really appreciate the support too, will donate.

  44. Hello,

    I upgrade to version 2.4 and work with Lion 10.7.5
    This is a great tool! I use it in combination with my rc flight simulator.

    Thank you!


  45. Fantastic app!!
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  46. Hello. I am posting this in hopes to help someone else out there who was pulling their hair out like me for one simple, little problem.

    My iMac (2011 27″) had a broken ODD (Optical Disk Drive, aka DVD drive) fan. I had spent hours on Google trying to fix this without having to lug my iMac into Apple or try removing the molex cable from the drive manually. Google could not directly provide a solution as it appears to be quite rare.

    Things that did NOT work:

    1) Resetting SMC
    2) Resetting PRAM
    3) Downloading “Fan Control” / HD Fan

    I never used my DVD drive on my imac and all I simply wanted to do was DISABLE the damned fan through OSX terminal. Here is finally how I was able to do it, thanks to smcFanControl.

    To disable the Optical Disk Fan:

    1) Download smcFanControl
    2) Open up Terminal and type this exactly:

    /Applications/ -k F0Mx -w 0000

    That should set the max value to “0” which disables it. Noise gone and now I can actually hear my music over the fan. I hope this helps someone out there as it was not easy to figure this out.


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