The screen quality of the new aluminium Macbook is not very good (compared to the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro) and prevents me from buying a Macbook at the moment. As the Macbook Air is not powerful enough for me and the Macbook Pro is too large (I travel a lot) I send the following E-Mail to Steve Jobs:

Hi Steve,

I am a longtime mac user and developer and considering to the buy the new macbook as a replacement for my old machine.
Seeing the macbook screen in a store next to a MBP and MBA however did not convince me quality wise (bad viewing angle, much more washed out colors than MBP and MBA).

These pictures I found on the net demonstrate the issue quite well:
Some might argue I could just get a MBA or MBP; but I am a heavy traveller. So the MBP is too large for me and the MBA is too limited (I need 4GB RAM). I do understand from a business perspective that the MB has an inferior screen as it's the entry line, but I would suggest to do one of these two options to attract even more people to the MB:

1) Put the better screen (the one the MBA currently has) into the 1499$ model and charge maybe 50$ more for it.
2) Make the better screen a BTO option for both MB models and charge for it.

Considering the buzz on the net about macbook screen quality I think these options would make a lot of people happy, who want a small powerful machine.



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  1. Apple (Steve ) Ich habe noch keine Brille und ich möchte das es so bleibt.

    Please change the MB screen. I dont have glasses and I dont plan to buy any soon.


  2. Because of this LCD in the new MacBook, the machine is virtually rendered unusable. Consider a family sitting around this Mac to watch home made videos or photos. Anybody sitting a bit off the center can hardly see what is on the screen.


  3. You’re so totally right. I cannot understand why Apple builds such great machines but then tries to save fifty bucks for a better display. There are a lot of people outside waiting for a robust 13 inch solution since the PowerBook 12 inch was discontinued. I lived with my 15 inch MacBook Pro for the last two years but I would love to go back to a smaller machine. And hey – Steve – this is not a matter of the price. I have no problem to pay a bit more if this enables me to get better quality.
    So for now I decided to keep my MacBook Pro, buy a new harddisk and hope that Apple will come to it’s mind and offer the MacBooks with a better screen as BTO or whatever. Sorry Steve, otherwise I would have bought me a new MacBook right away…

  4. Alas Stevie J / Apple will not react in a hurry to the MB screen quality issues (perceived by us who have to use it) !! Apple loyalty to us – nahhh not alot. PS: I aslo need 13″ max.

  5. I honestly do not understand the complaints regarding the MacBook screen.

    I just purchased a MacBook 2.4 GHz and I’ve been very impressed with the screen. Maybe my past PC notebooks have just had worse screens than I realized, but the MacBook screen has good contrast and saturation and the LED back light easily over powers brightly lit rooms in my house that gave older notebooks trouble.

    About the only thing I can see is color/brightness shifting when viewing from the side or above. It’s no worse than many other notebooks I’ve seen. But why am I worried about this? I’m not going to show movies to groups of people on this screen. If I’m going to display something on the MacBook, it’s going to be to a desktop monitor or projector or HDTV.

    In fact, here’s my only display complaint: I want more Mini DisplayPort adapters for more flexibility in connecting to other devices.

  6. I guess the latest 13″ macbook pro would be the perfect solution for you. I guess you were not the only one complaining about this problem. With regards to the screen quality problem, the bluish tint on the screen is actually a software issue in Mac OS X and is fairly easy to fix. From what I could find out on forums etc. is that it seems to be related to fast user switching. Whenever my macbook pro screen looks like that, I simply run the following command from the terminal :


    I hoped that they would have fixed with 10.5.7……

  7. Well it took awhile, but the new 13″ MBP fits the bill.

    Now I wish they’d offer Matt screens.

  8. hallo.I would just wanted to ask you how u contacted with steve jobs.
    I want to do the same.can u help me by giving me an e mail?



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