The just released 2.0.2 firmware update seems to improve the 3G reception for iphone 3G owners.

But what does it bring to the iPhone 2G?

Some things I found out so far:

  • It seems to be a bit more snappy (lag in typing and adressbook scrolling is less)
  • The build-number is 5C1
  • The baseband does not seem to be upgraded (still 04.05.04_G). That means everyone who pwned their phone and updates to 2.0.2 will loose the jailbreak, but the phone should stay unlocked and activated.
Some things that are still not fixed:
  • Backups still take way too long. If you just backuped your phone before the upgrade, backup seems faster initially but for me backup speed decreased as soon as I removed/installed some applications.
  • Installing applications takes still way too long if you have a certain number of applications already installed.

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