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smcfancontrol_v2 [Download]

smcFanControl 2.2.2 adds the following features/bugfixes:

  • Offical support for every so far released Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, mac mini included
  • Fans of iMacs, MacPro’s are read out on first startup. For official support of iMac/MacPro in a future release please send me your ModelName and min/max speed for every fan.
  • The fan to be displayed in the menubar can be chosen now
  • All known memory leaks fixed
  • Spanish localization included

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  1. SMC Fancontrol is a fantastic program and works as designed. My Macbook Pro is running a lot cooler and now I have no worries about overheating. Additionally, my Macbook Pro is quite a bit cooler to the touch. When I am watching movies or playing games I setup a multimedia profile that runs my fans to 6000 RPM. The GPU diode used to run up to around 165F and now is hovers between 125F and 130F. When I am not playing games and multimedia I setup a higher rpm profile that keeps my fans turning at 3500 rpm. The following are indicated by iStat Pro with my fans running at 3500 RPM: HD 97F, CPU 115F, Airport Card 125F, Enclosure Base 88F, GPU 135, GPU Heatsink 115, Heatsink A 113F, and Heatsink B 103.
    As you can see my Macbook Pro is running considerably cooler than without SMC Fancontrol. I can lay my hand on the top surface and over the speaker grills and the heat is only slightly warm. The bottom is just a little bit warmer but not anywhere close to the blistering temperatures before.
    When you double left click on the SMC Fancontrol the program will run. Look up in your menu bar icons (date-time, battery status, wireless) upper right corner of your display. SMC will display the temp and RPM. Right click on this display and it will bring up it’s menu. My fans will adjust almost instantly when changing profiles. SMC Fancontrol is outstanding and is a must for any Macbook Pro owner. I hope a windows version is developed for running windows under Bootcamp. Thank you for a Macbook saving program, fans are a lot cheaper that replacing a logic board.

  2. this app worked great on my early 2009 macbook 2.0 Ghz!

  3. smcFanControl seems to perform as it is stated. However, I think I have stumbled upon the root cause of why the machines are getting so hot; at least the iMac 24. I was playing with the fan speeds after downloading smcFanControl and something very interesting was discharged from the unit – DUST! Lots of dust.

    Back in the day, I used to vacuum out the PC tower about every three months. Does anyone have any idea about how to effectively vacuum out the iMac 24?

    I believe this may reduce the temperature enough that the case is not so hot to the touch. I remember reading somewhere that dust is the enemy of electronic components.

  4. Works Great on here! late 2006 imac running latest snowy build! Awesome software!

  5. problem solved

  6. Great tool. I previously lost two hard drives at almost the same time to what I believed to be an overheating problem.

    On my dual 2.66GHZ Xeon MacPro (first Intel MacPro) – when I login with an admin account the default values are 500rpm (Apple standard). I changed the default to 1000rpm. I can set the fan speeds up and down just fine. When I login with a non admin account, the default becomes 2000rpm and I cannot go below this. Needless to say this creates a wind tunnel effect.

    Since I mostly login with a non-admin account for security reasons, how can I get smcFancontrol to not think the default is 2000rpm?

    If I log into admin first, then my account, all is well. But this is not the way I’d like to login on a regular basis.

    Best regards,

  7. Works great! MBP (2008) OS10.5.8

    Many thanks!



  8. Hello
    As everyone said, its bug free app, works fine for me, thx, keep it good!

  9. Works Perfectly on Snow Leopard GM Thanks.

  10. Use it on my early ’09 MBP 17″. Works flawlessly. Would be better if it could dynamically respond to user-defined thresholds.
    I’d be very interested in seeing a version of this being ported to Windows using Boot Camp. The only alternatives I can find are mutually exclusive with kbdmgr, the Apple keyboard process that enables all of the OSX mapped special functions in Windows.

  11. Downloaded for my iMac and it seems to be working great. I downloaded it so I could monitor temperatures…my iMac seems to be hotter to the touch than I remember it being. iStat says the CPU is 61, diode 62, hard drive 52 and power supply is 69.

    Anyone know what the temps are supposed to be? I had the computer shut off over night and booted it up 90 minutes ago.

  12. My hard drive on my intel imac (late 2007) died, so the apple store installed a new one at a hefty price tag. After reading about the heat issues with the intel imac, I installed smcfancontrol 2.2.2 to avoid burning up another hard drive or even worse, the logic board. SMCfancontrol worked great the first day that I installed, but now it will not change the fan speeds (rpm) after switching to my “hot” setting. My “hot” setting is 4000 rpm for the HDD, but it is staying at 1200 rpm which is the default setting. I had the same issue with FanControl which led me to uninstall it, and, yes, I removed the 2 files from my library. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. works fine

  14. Thank you so much!!!
    I love it.
    Works great on my 15″ MBP

  15. Hi,
    How can I use keyboard shortcuts to change the speed of the cooling fans?

  16. The temperature only shows 0 degrees in the menu bar. Any ideas?

    Regards. Darren.

  17. @Darren: Upgrade to version 2.4


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