admin on April 9th, 2009
smcfancontrol_v2 [Download]

smcFanControl 2.2.2 adds the following features/bugfixes:

  • Offical support for every so far released Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, mac mini included
  • Fans of iMacs, MacPro’s are read out on first startup. For official support of iMac/MacPro in a future release please send me your ModelName and min/max speed for every fan.
  • The fan to be displayed in the menubar can be chosen now
  • All known memory leaks fixed
  • Spanish localization included

120 Responses to “smcFanControl 2.2.2 released”

  1. This does not work on my late-’06 24″ iMac. The preferences screen causes the app to either crash, or a blank disabled window comes up.

  2. Same situation as first post. Prefs screen does not open properly or app crashes.

  3. Sorry…. Early 2006 iMac dual 1.8Ghz Core Duo

  4. Same problem as Bryan. I get only Blank Preferences Screen.

    MBP Santa Rosa (Summer 2007) 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 256MB VRAM
    10.5.6 Leopard EN

  5. I have the same problem with 2.2 on a Mac Pro, OS X 10.5.6, 10GB… the prefs window doesn’t display the first time, and the second time I select it it’s mostly empty.

    Cheers, Al

  6. Same problem as Bryan. On MacBook Pro (Dec. 2008) 2.53GHZ, 4GB ram, 512 Vram, Mac OS10.5.6

  7. +1 for the prefs bug – can’t be opened or else it’s not drawn correctly.

  8. Bryan, I’m sorry to add it also doesn’t work properly on my MBP (early 2008) (no pref. display). It’s a great program and I’m looking forward to v2.3.

    Thanks for your work,

  9. iMac alu, late 2007 btw

  10. The emptry preferences window problem is fixed in 2.2.1. You will get 2.2.1 automatically if you download now or use the autoupdate function inside the app.
    Sorry to everyone who experienced this problem. It was a small mistake in the english localization file.



  11. Same as all the others – but letting you know it’s not just the iMacs and MBPs because it is also not working on a (2008) MacBook.

  12. Preference pane seems to be good now with 2.2.1 However the app crashes if I go to Info/Check for Updates. MacBook Core Duo, 10.5.6.

  13. Thanks for the speedy solution Hendrik!

  14. Ok now with 2.2.1
    But the CheCk for update do not still work :-)

  15. 2.2.2 just released!

    I hope all bugs are nailed now:)!

  16. Just wanted to add that I am having the same problem as JohnM as well. I am glad the preference pane works now though.

  17. Hi Emma,

    does the problem still exist for you in 2.2.2?



  18. All OK ! :)

    Thanks so so much Hendrik

  19. Hi Hendrik,
    version 2.2.2 is bug free on my computer, Yay!
    Thank you!

  20. Thank you, Hendrik,

    All seems to be well now. I appreciate your rapid response to this.

    Just out of curiosity – are you planning to make the fan adjust itself to the change in temperature (increase speed when it gets above a certain point, decrease when it gets cool enough)?


  21. Any reason why the default RPM on the MacBook is 2000 rpm yet SMC doesn’t go any lower than 3600 rpm??? (I have the UniBody MacBook)

    This has been a problem for the past couple of releases of SMC. Its a great app and I used to use it with my old MacBook but this little issue is keeping me from using it now.


  22. Actually… just used AppZapper to uninstall SMC and then reinstalled it. Default went back to 1800rpm!

    Thanks for making a great app!

  23. Sorry, this doesn’t work on my MacBook Pro 2.66 with 10.5.6. No fans come on at all.

    I was using 1.2.? on my 2.16ghz MacBook Pro, which worked fine. Something is horked in my OS that the Apple fan control never worked at all – only SMC seemed to be able to control the fans. I just upgraded to the new 2.66 machine (moved the hard drive) but neither the older versions of SMC nor the new 2.2.2 can turn on the fans.

    Happy to send whatever files might be required to take a look at why this isn’t working… let me know. My machine is slowly overheating…


  24. iMac5,1
    ODD, 800 – 5000
    HDD, 1400 – 5000
    CPU, 800 – 3600

    Hope this helps. :)

  25. For a while I had SMC fancontrol and it was working great, but then I uninstalled it and wanted to try FanControl, which sucked. So I uninstalled FanControl (both the preference and the daemon) and re-installed smc 2.2.2. But now when I click on the app, in the menu bar it says “smc…” for a while and then goes away and nothing happens.

    Please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I need to cool my laptop.

  26. Since “Upgrading” to version 2.2.2., every time I change my fan speed I have to enter my admin user ID and password. This is most annoying! Is this a Bug or a Feature? I am ready to downgrade to the previous version that worked just fine. You say in your FAQ that “You only have to enter it one time.” Not true.
    Why does smcFanControl asks for a login and password and which login/password do I have to enter?
    smcFanControl needs the credentials of an admin-user to set the appropriate rights to be able to change fanspeed. You only have to enter it one time. The entered login and password are not saved by smcFanControl. They are just used for setting the appropriate rights.

  27. Does anyone actually have anything good to say about this app?

  28. Yeah I have something good to say: it works fine for me on a 2nd Gen Macbook pro, each version has been great. I only had a problem a year or so ago when I upgraded from Tiger rather than doing a clean Leopard install.

    RB, I think its just the usual case of people only say something when there’s a problem. I bet there are thousands of people that are happy with this product, especially the price!

    Thanks Hendrik, smcFanControl is really good!


  29. I downloaded and installed smcFanControl 2.2.2, but absolutely NOTHING I do will get it to launch. I does absolutely nothing. My computer is an iMac 7,1 Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz, SMC Version 1.21f4, running Mac OSX 10.5.6. As far as I am concerned, this product is a total LEMON. Has anyone with exactly the same computer as myself succeeded in getting smcFanControl 2.2.2 to launch and work correctly ?

  30. Working perfectly on my ’06 iMac5,1 Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.16Ghz :)

    I’ve been suffering graphic card issues (horizontal lines of doom and many screen hangs) since some weeks ago. I’ve started using this software and the problems seems to have decreased/dissapeared ATM.

    The configuration profiles are very useful but it would be great some kind of “auto-setting” based in temperature checkings… Well, it’s just an idea for future versions 😛

    So, thanks for the app and good work 😀

  31. The new version worked great the first day, but when I started the computer the next day, I couldn’t hear the beautiful humming of 6000 rpm keeping my mbp beneath a blazing 70 degrees C.

    If I open the options and close it by hitting save, the rpm will rev up to whatever the setting is, then drop back down to 1500ish rpm. I really don’t like my mbp getting above 60 degrees because i’ve had my logic board replaced three times for frying, and it’s a pain in the rear.

    I’m currently using 2.2.2 on Leopard 5.6. Should I try a different version?

  32. I also have the same problem as Alex

    Macbook pro 17″ here whenever I ramp it up to 6000rpm and push save or I select one of the presets the fans do go to 6000 but once it reaches that area it drops down to normal again.

    2.2.2 user and leopard 5.6
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro3,1

  33. HI Alex,

    when your fanspeed reverts back while running smcFanControl it points to the possibility, that you have some other FanControl software running in the background, that was not properly deinstalled.



  34. Hi there,

    Will this software work on a Power PC IMac? I’m having trouble with my display freezing, and I’m hoping this might help.

    I was referred to this page from this one:

    …but it would be kinda nice if your page described in at least a bit of detail how your software works, what it does, and some advice on using it…

    many thanks!

  35. Yeah! This is the first version of SMC Fan Control that works on this imac. I too have had many artifacts on the screen, then freezes. I think its heat related too. Anyway, this works, thanks.

    Intel Core 2 Duo
    2.16 GHz
    ATI Radeon X1600 256 MB
    screen 20″

  36. Every time my computer MacBookPro 2.16 OS X 10.5.6 awakes from sleep I am asked for my admin password, once it seems for each fan. Annoying. How can I circumvent this?

  37. SMC Fan Control is easy to use and helps alot with my 2006 2.66 GHz Mac Pro. However, changing the the power supply fan rpm does not work. This seems to be the case for others as well… Any chance you can fix? Thank you very much.

  38. I can’t get the minimum fan speed below 5000 rpm after starting the fanspeed control.
    even after quitting smcfanspeed control, the rpm stay high

    does anyone know what i should do to fix this?

    It’s on a MacBook Pro 15″, 2,6 GHz Intel Core2Duo

  39. I just installed smcFanControl 2.2.2, but it shows 000rpm and my laptop shut down twice from the heat! When I turned it on again (after a couple of minutes) the temp was 80C! Why is smcFanControl 2.2.2 not working? In the preferences min. speed is set on 2047. Am I doing something wrong?
    Macbook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, !GB 667 MHZ DDR2 SDRAM, from jan 2007.
    Please help! I can’t use my macbook properly for more than 15 min!!!

  40. I really use this app all the time Its great and I’ve been using since 2.0

    I have this running on MacBook pro 17″,
    MacBook Pro 15″, MacBook white and and older PowerBook 17″ bought around 2004.

    I upgraded via the Upgrade notification asked.

    MacBook Pro 15″:
    After install and many reboots I noticed I could not change the fan speed. I could select it, the section stuck, but the speed never changed.

    I finally had time to take a look today and noticed the scm 2.2.2 was not running form the Applications folder but from the downloads folder.

    Once I quite smc, moved the one in Downloads to Applications folder and restarted; Everything was laterally COOL again. 😉

    Thanks for the Cool App!

  41. Since upgrading, I’m having the same problem as ETAG above.

  42. I should add, unlike ETAG I’m on a Mac mini. Previous generation.

  43. Yeah, I had got rid of a fan control widget that wasn’t working too well. Time to dive through my library folders. Joy… 😛

  44. 2.2.2 won’t autostart when waking up the MacBook Pro – apparently it stops running after sleep. I have to start it manually. Any ideas on how to resolve?


  45. To those who are having issues with the speed staying high after you switch to a preset with lower fan speeds. It appears that while the fans can increase the RPM’s almost instantly, slowing down is gradual. I have noticed my fans go from 5000 RPM’s to 2500 in a few minutes or so. This might be old info, but I thought I’d share

  46. Same thing here, when i go for maximum speed, it takes only 9 seconds to the fans slow down to the normal speed.Nothing to do about it.

  47. ENDLESS log entries like this:

    4/21/09 9:42:56 PM smcFanControl[2302] Error *** -[NSInsertionPointHelper objectForKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1792f0

    4/21/09 9:42:56 PM smcFanControl[2302] Warning *** NSTimer ignoring exception ‘*** -[NSInsertionPointHelper objectForKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1792f0’ that raised during firing of timer with target 0x151440 and selector ‘readFanData:’

    Hundreds upon hundreds of these entries in the Console logs. Reverted back to the previous version 2.2.2 from April 9th and everything is fine again. Did not have the problem with the preferences window on a last gen Mac Mini.

  48. @Garm:
    That points to a non correctly upgraded preferences file. Please delete the com.eidac.smcFanControl2.plist in your Preferences Folder. Version 2.2.2 should run fine then.

  49. @pph. You have most likely another FanControl software installed..or had it previously installed and then not totally removed.

  50. @Misha: 000rpm means that you fans are not running at all. Please check your fans running the Apple Hardware Test DVD.

  51. @Steven. You should check/repair your keychain. If smcFanControl asks for the password more than once, it means the password can not be stored to the keychain properly.

  52. @sangerinde: The software only does work on Intel Macs.

  53. @Steven: Try to delete to create a new favorite in smcFanControl. That should read the correct lower fan speeds from the Machines.plist again.

  54. Vielen Dank :)
    Tolles Tool!

  55. smcFanControl works Great on my one month old Unibody MacBook.Have no problems with it at all..Great program..Thanks

  56. Hi, Great app, well done.

    …I have a question… something goes wrong or that’s my brain limitation?

    When I set up minimum value (default or higher rate – tried both) … my fans does not work on setup rpm but according to the temperature lowers down do default mac rates.

    Is it normal behavior? Will it start to work faster when i will restart to bootcamp for games?

    Thanks for great app and any answer.

  57. Ah, sorted! Another deleted app have been running in the background I assume…

    Now everything its fine. Didnt test if its working under the bootcamp yet…

    But thats a great app… 😉 TY

  58. Great app…been using it mostly when I am gaming and i need to high speeds…but when i quit the program…the system does not take over again.. i’ve rebooted to see if that cleared it up..but now..the ONLY way to control the fan speed is manually setting in in your software.

    Is there any way to tell the system to take over again?

  59. smcFanControl is very nice tool, thank you!

    And, I want to see current temperature in pulldown menus like fan speeds.

    Will you support this feature?

  60. It is a cool little application with at least will help in preventing the computer to overheat. However, sometimes my iMac’s CPU fan runs at full speed when it starts up. I would like to be able to set up smsFanControl to limit the maximum speed as well. Can you do that for the next release? Thanks!;-)

  61. Hate to report back that it was merely a permissions problem. I fixed permissions and used Disk Warrior to rebuild my directory structure, and now smcFanControl is back to normal. In any event, please disregard the above report.

  62. Great app, I love the cool feel of my MB against my legs!! Quick question, if I leave the fan running at around 5000 rpm 24/7, will it cause damage to the fan? Or should I just run the fan when the comp. is at a high temp?

  63. Ramonska Skorso
    May 1st, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Hi, I like smcFanControl as it makes sure the critical fans in my iMac will run at least at optimal lower speed set by myself. However, I would like to have the option of setting the maximum speed as well because some times my iMac’s CPU fan runs at top speed even when the CPU’s temperature is bellow 85 degrees F. Thanks! 😉

  64. Hi, Just a question about the Temperature Readout. I’ve noticed that there seems to be a difference in temperature between two utils that I’m using on my Mac. SMC FC reads the HD temp as 29DegreesC, however iStat reads it out as 37DegreesC. So my question is – how often does SMC FC check for the temp and update the display? Also, how accurate is SMC FC’s temperature reading?



  65. GREAT APP. Thanks for taking the time. Would it be possible to set the minimum fan speed by entering numbers? Instead of using sliders maybe let use set it by typing in numbers would be nice. A great feature would be to have the option of setting it so that it would go to Higher setting or lower setting once a certain Temp is reached. So say the readout reaches 50, it automatically switches to Higher RPM and we can also set a certain temp so it goes back to default.

  66. Loved smcFanControl 2.2.1. Was able to look up at the menu bar and manually set the fan when running too hot. After upgrading to 2.2.2 the smc fan info only shows up after starting the application manually and goes away once I quit the application. Can’t figure out how to keep it there once starting up. “Autostart smcFanControl after login” is checked. Is there a way to keep the info in the menu bar all the time?

    Other than that great app.

  67. Downloaded it, installed it & after 15 minutes unit was running cooler by 15 degrees. Works great & I did not notice any extra noise. Still quiet as ever. The Macbook Pro even feels cooler. What a great app. Thanks.

  68. This program works great on my 17″ Macbook Pro. 2.5 ghz core2duo. No problems at all. Thanks for the great program

  69. First of all, thanks for the great program. My iMac is running cooler than ever. I don’t understand why the iMac’s minimum fan speed is so low!
    The only problem is that now the computer won’t go to sleep according to the timers. It will only go to sleep if I prompt it. I was wondering if that was a known issue and if I can find some kind of workaround.

  70. Great app for when I need lower temperature more than I need a quiet room 😉

    I was just thinking, though…It’s a hot day, and my laptop is burning up. I want to cool it down from my recent rendering session, but I don’t want to wear the fans out by keeping them on high for too long. It would be great to be able to set a temperature threshold rather than a fan speed threshold. Or perhaps an option to run a five-minute burst of high speed that then shuts off automatically? I often turn them on high, then forget and run them for a while.

  71. Do you have recommendations for ideal operating temperatures for various Macs.

  72. Does this work on Early 2009 MacPro Quad Nehalem? On OS install it was disabled and said unknown if it would work on this machine.

  73. Very cool program. On my Mac Pro (end 2007) I can’t adjust the powersupply fan: I can adjust it on the screen but nothing happen.
    Everything else is OK and very good.

  74. Ricardo Ramirez
    May 21st, 2009 at 1:20 am

    Hello, got a MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz, my question is, is there any specific rpm for my model?

    I set it from default (1800rpm) to “higher RPM” (3,200rpm) Active Settings. Am I doing it right ?

  75. iMac7,1
    ODD: Min – 1000, Max – 4600
    HDD: Min – 1200, Max – 5500
    CPU: Min – 1200, Max – 3500



  76. Hi!
    Thanks for this great app. My MBP 17″ is cooling down as I type this. Is there anything I should be caution of?

    Thanks Again.

  77. Works great on my MBP 17 late2008.

    I may need some help understanding the controls.

    It would seem the the best setup would for the fan to start up automatically when I boot up and go to default. Then when the computer started heating up, I could change the speed as needed.

    I don’t see any way to set that up. The prefs allow for autostart, but it remembers the last setting which is usually too high because at that point the computer is cool. However, I don’t notice that the fans are running at top speed, so they overproduce unnecessarily.

    This would be remedied if the auto apply allowed for startup. Instead it has “battery, charging and ac changes” which I don’t see the need for because those actions don’t seem to create more heat.

    Thanks, it is still a great app and serves my needs.


    I have the same computer and I have no problems at all.

    iMac 7,1 Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz, SMC Version 1.21f4

    ODD 1000-4600 rpm
    HDD 1200-5500 rpm
    CPU 1200-3500 rpm

    How to change the plist file in order to avoid the message at startup?

  79. My lap thanks you for this excellent software. The feature that automatically switches the fan speed back to its default on battery power is unparalleled.

    Works great on my macbook 3,1 with 10.6! (shhhhhh)

  80. The software is excellent. I was able to adjust the fan speed when the default was at minimum. However, a constructive critique: whenever the computer sleeps (put down the screen) and wake-up, the fan is again set at default=minimum and it’s not possible to re-adjust (if i restart the Mac it goes back to normal and is possible to adjust it again). Just a bug that, if solved, would be the perfect program!

  81. I read Alex’s post way up there—-^ I searched all throughout my macintosh HD Library folder and found the culprit. The idiots who wrote the software for “Fan Control” did not tell you hot to COMPLETELY uninstall their horrible application. Here is what you need to do: Delete both of these files which are found from the macintosh HD folder (the icon on the desktop that looks like a little hard drive)
    /Library/StartupItems/FanControlDaemon and /Library/PreferencePanes/Fan Control.prefPane

    I hope this helps for all.

  82. SMC Fancontrol is a fantastic program and works as designed. My Macbook Pro is running a lot cooler and now I have no worries about overheating. Additionally, my Macbook Pro is quite a bit cooler to the touch. When I am watching movies or playing games I setup a multimedia profile that runs my fans to 6000 RPM. The GPU diode used to run up to around 165F and now is hovers between 125F and 130F. When I am not playing games and multimedia I setup a higher rpm profile that keeps my fans turning at 3500 rpm. The following are indicated by iStat Pro with my fans running at 3500 RPM: HD 97F, CPU 115F, Airport Card 125F, Enclosure Base 88F, GPU 135, GPU Heatsink 115, Heatsink A 113F, and Heatsink B 103.
    As you can see my Macbook Pro is running considerably cooler than without SMC Fancontrol. I can lay my hand on the top surface and over the speaker grills and the heat is only slightly warm. The bottom is just a little bit warmer but not anywhere close to the blistering temperatures before.
    When you double left click on the SMC Fancontrol the program will run. Look up in your menu bar icons (date-time, battery status, wireless) upper right corner of your display. SMC will display the temp and RPM. Right click on this display and it will bring up it’s menu. My fans will adjust almost instantly when changing profiles. SMC Fancontrol is outstanding and is a must for any Macbook Pro owner. I hope a windows version is developed for running windows under Bootcamp. Thank you for a Macbook saving program, fans are a lot cheaper that replacing a logic board.

  83. this app worked great on my early 2009 macbook 2.0 Ghz!

  84. smcFanControl seems to perform as it is stated. However, I think I have stumbled upon the root cause of why the machines are getting so hot; at least the iMac 24. I was playing with the fan speeds after downloading smcFanControl and something very interesting was discharged from the unit – DUST! Lots of dust.

    Back in the day, I used to vacuum out the PC tower about every three months. Does anyone have any idea about how to effectively vacuum out the iMac 24?

    I believe this may reduce the temperature enough that the case is not so hot to the touch. I remember reading somewhere that dust is the enemy of electronic components.

  85. Works Great on here! late 2006 imac running latest snowy build! Awesome software!

  86. problem solved

  87. Great tool. I previously lost two hard drives at almost the same time to what I believed to be an overheating problem.

    On my dual 2.66GHZ Xeon MacPro (first Intel MacPro) – when I login with an admin account the default values are 500rpm (Apple standard). I changed the default to 1000rpm. I can set the fan speeds up and down just fine. When I login with a non admin account, the default becomes 2000rpm and I cannot go below this. Needless to say this creates a wind tunnel effect.

    Since I mostly login with a non-admin account for security reasons, how can I get smcFancontrol to not think the default is 2000rpm?

    If I log into admin first, then my account, all is well. But this is not the way I’d like to login on a regular basis.

    Best regards,

  88. Works great! MBP (2008) OS10.5.8

    Many thanks!



  89. Hello
    As everyone said, its bug free app, works fine for me, thx, keep it good!

  90. Works Perfectly on Snow Leopard GM Thanks.

  91. Use it on my early ’09 MBP 17″. Works flawlessly. Would be better if it could dynamically respond to user-defined thresholds.
    I’d be very interested in seeing a version of this being ported to Windows using Boot Camp. The only alternatives I can find are mutually exclusive with kbdmgr, the Apple keyboard process that enables all of the OSX mapped special functions in Windows.

  92. Downloaded for my iMac and it seems to be working great. I downloaded it so I could monitor temperatures…my iMac seems to be hotter to the touch than I remember it being. iStat says the CPU is 61, diode 62, hard drive 52 and power supply is 69.

    Anyone know what the temps are supposed to be? I had the computer shut off over night and booted it up 90 minutes ago.

  93. My hard drive on my intel imac (late 2007) died, so the apple store installed a new one at a hefty price tag. After reading about the heat issues with the intel imac, I installed smcfancontrol 2.2.2 to avoid burning up another hard drive or even worse, the logic board. SMCfancontrol worked great the first day that I installed, but now it will not change the fan speeds (rpm) after switching to my “hot” setting. My “hot” setting is 4000 rpm for the HDD, but it is staying at 1200 rpm which is the default setting. I had the same issue with FanControl which led me to uninstall it, and, yes, I removed the 2 files from my library. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  94. works fine

  95. Thank you so much!!!
    I love it.
    Works great on my 15″ MBP

  96. Hi,
    How can I use keyboard shortcuts to change the speed of the cooling fans?

  97. The temperature only shows 0 degrees in the menu bar. Any ideas?

    Regards. Darren.

  98. @Darren: Upgrade to version 2.4


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